Monday, August 02, 2004

ROCK MEN "NOT SEXY" SHOCKER: It's the time of year when Company Magazine produce their list of the 100 Sexiest Men in Britain, as voted for by their readers. We picture the reader's voting process as a gathering of seven or eight girls and a bottle of Lambrini. Anyway, after last year's victory for Justin Timberlake, pop has done poorly with just a much reduced showing for Timberlake (5) and Robbie Bloody Williams (8) making the presence of music (or, more accurately, 'people who appear in pop videos' felt in the top ten. You then have to run your finger down the list quite a way before you find Will Young at 14 (seriously, how much Lambrini? Not because he's gay, but because he looks like a fish in an ill-fitting suit) and Peter Are you bloody joking? Are you having a laugh? This is a serious bloody business Andre at 19.

Still, music more or less cleaned up in the 'I wanna make your skin crawl' least sexy 10:

1 Michael Jackson
2 Chris Evans
3 Peter Andre
4 Simon Cowell
5 Robbie Williams
6 Justin Timberlake
7 Liam Gallagher
8 David Beckham
9 Gareth Gates
10 Justin Hawkins

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Anonymous said...

I heard you the first five times.

(I'm not (just) being snarky - I'm hoping you get emails when people post comments.)

-- Alan

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