Tuesday, August 03, 2004

SOMEWHERE AT HIS LABEL, A DOOR SLAMS AND A GLASS STARTS TO WOBBLE: The popular view that Prince had hooked up with Sony again purely to bounce them into funding his comeback publicity and that he was intending to withdraw back into the comfort of flogging his own downloads again seems to have got a shoring up following the little one's comments during a TV interview in Canada:

"Kids today, I mean, they're so talented and sophisticated. They can create their own albums on laptops. They can deliver it through the Internet. They
can even be their own distribution service. I mean, what do we really need record companies for?"

We'd love to know how long the record company flunky who's organising this current trip for Prince laughed nervously for. It's hilarious to see a major label being suckered into basically underwriting a massive campaign against its entire business.

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