Thursday, August 05, 2004

SPLISH, SPLASH, I WAS TAKING A BATH: The good people at Baxi have correctly guessed that doing a survey about what people in Britain like to singalong with when they're taking a bath is a way to get some cheap publicity during the summer season. Well, it's less dull that the ongoing bore-a-thon about who may or may not have had sex with a secretary at the Football Association. The results? Well, when you look at them:

Women chose:

1 Robbie Williams (22.3%)
2 Kylie (10.3%)
3 Beyonce (9.5%)
4 Frank Sinatra (8.4%)
5 Elvis (8%)

and men chose:

1 Elvis (14.9%)
2 Robbie Williams (12.1%)
3 Frank Sinatra (10.8%)
4 Kylie (7.1%)
5 Beyonce (4.3%)

which indicates that, actually, they weren't giving people a free choice but showing them a list of names and getting them to pick. In other words, we still don't really know what people like to sing along in the bath with.

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