Tuesday, August 24, 2004

YOU COULD JUST HAVE RETURNED EARTH SONG TO TOWER FOR A REFUND, DUDE: Off-piste Jacko court action at the weekend, with 26 year old Adrian Poffley sending a death threat to Jackson. But, hey, he had his reasons:

Poffley, who told Toronto's Globe and Mail said he wanted to draw attention to the molestation case. "I wrote he wasn't going to make it to his car alive," Poffley told the newspaper.

See? He may have done a bad thing - he's now going to be up in court himself on a charge of making a death threat - but it was the purest of motives: apparently there are some people left on the planet who might need their attention being drawn to the molestation case.

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king said...

Like who cares about Wacko Jacko anyway?

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