Wednesday, September 29, 2004

LOOK INTO MY EYES... MY EYES, DAMMIT, NOT DOWN THERE: Uh-oh... we did wonder why we were drenching ourselves in the new Britney Spears fragrance, Curious. And our cat, too. Apparently, she's hypnotised us all. No, it's true. Or at least, so says Joe Vitale, a marketing expert and a doctor of some sort. So he should know:

Vitale says the TV commercial featuring Spears begins with images that seem to be a soap opera, but then quickly become a forbidden intimacy fantasy come to life. The ad almost dares you to buy the perfume, he adds.

"People begin watching the commerical because they are attracted to the unknown," explains Vitale. "They're not sure who the cute woman is, or what she is doing. Their minds are being drawn in. Then, when they learn that it is for a new perfume, the name of it gets lodged in the brain, almost without your thinking about it. This is truly hypnotic."

Although to be honest, Joe, when people see the commercial they won't go "Who is that?", they're much more likely to go "Oh, that's britney spears. I'll bet the shirt comes off quite quickly."

But let's just assume for a moment that he's right, and Britney has found the way to control all our minds. Even allowing that Spears would be unlikely to use her powers for a higher purpose, wouldn't by now everyone be so over Aguilera?

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