Wednesday, September 29, 2004

MOBO NOSHOW: Insert cod Wildean piece about losing two presenters seeming like carelessness here. Following Naomi Campbell's pull-out, the Mobo Awards have suffered a second disaster with her planned co-presenter Pharrell Williams quitting the show because he hasn't heard of most of the nominees. But surely the point of awards shows are to allow people who've done well to get attention for what they've achieved, rather than to merely drape prizes round the famous simply for being famous? And besides: Pharrell, if you're such a shit-hot producer, shouldn't you be trying to find out about people who you've yet to have heard of? In fact, shouldn't you have heard of these people anyway?

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Simon said...

I caught a glimpse of the Mirror 3am Girls' report on this, which finished with the line "at least they didn't get Richard Blackwood to present it!" Ah, the one place where Richard Blackwood jokes are topical.

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