Wednesday, September 01, 2004

POPOBIT: As we mentioned earlier, Carl Wayne of The Move has died. The 61 year old, latterly a Radio WM presenter, and also a member of The Hollies, had been fighting cancer for some time.

One of the great (wrong) pub quiz answers of all time, The Move were actually the second act played on Radio One (pole position went to Johnny Dankworth, whose Beefeaters, Tony Blackburn's theme, preceded them). Carl, born in 1943 in Birmingham, fronted up the band and built a reputation for being borderline dangerous on stage, demolishing electrical items and, on one occasion, setting fire to the Marquee stage. The band were playing 'Fire Brigade' at the time. Further publicity (of the "no such thing as" kind) came when a promotional stunt turned into a political incident - the inclusion of a naked picture of Harold Wilson with the Flowers in the Rain single still being enough to outrage public decency in a United Kingdom still coming to terms with the twentieth century. The Move eventually morphed slowly into the Electric Light Orchestra, with Carl leaving to concentrate on solo and collaborative work, picking up acting credits in Crossroads and on stage - most notably in Blood Brothers - along the way.

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