Friday, September 03, 2004

A SMALL REMEMBRANCE: The family of Matthew Jay have put together a compilation of Matthew's rare and early stuff called Too Soon, as a thank you for the letters of support following his death, and, of course, to save fans being raped on Ebay:

A little under a year ago and hugely talented singer/songwriter Matthew Jay died tragically. On August 23rd this year Matthew’s album, ‘. . . too soon’ was released by his family as a memorial to this amazing person, and offered in response to the tributes on People from all over the world have been deeply touched by Matthew’s music rooted in Wales. As the first anniversary approaches of his tragic loss, the wish of Matthew’s family to keep his music alive has seen this project become reality. Emails to Matthew’s website indicated that many fans were unable to obtain copies of Matthews EPs and Singles. His family wish to celebrate Matthew’s life in the best way possible by making his music available to all who want it. The album features 10 original tracks, early recordings and rarities, plus remixes by Bent and Fug.

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