Thursday, September 02, 2004

WE'RE NOT ONES TO GOSSIP, BUT: What glorious bounty on offer on yesterday's San Francisco Examiner gossip page - Sharon Osbourne "confusing" Robbie Williams and Ozzy's phone numbers (oh, yeah, it was a "mix-up") and "accidently" coming onto Robbie; Madonna pledging never to buy Manolo Blahniks again after Manolo said she was a shit actress and Shirley Manson thanking God, or rather not, that P Diddy used his MTV acceptance speech to tell kids to get out and vote:

"At least it made one less person thanking God Almighty for exhalting them above all others," she wrote. "Do you honestly think GOD is busy selecting one person above all others to catapault into celebrity status? ... Give me a fucking BREAK people."

But best of all was the story that Alicia "so down to Earth" Keys and her mother flounced out of a photoshoot for Suede because "everything was unacceptable." Key's people deny it all, insisting she is "absolutely not a diva" - but, oddly, Suede did have to use a stock picture on its front page...

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