Monday, October 11, 2004

BOILING HOT: We had an email from Frank, out of Eric and The Bunny Boilers. They were on BBC Three's coverage of T in the Park, and we suggested they'd said they hadn't gelled properly and were going to use the gig as a chance to do that. Actually, we weren't paying proper attention and it was Gill Mills who'd made the gelling comment. Which meant our sniffy suggestion that this was kind of an odd attitude to take was misplaced. Sorry, Boilers.

Since their date at T, the band have had a couple of big personal tragedies which has lead to them having to pull some dates and promotional work for their Heard You The First Time was put on hold. But they're back in full effect now, looking over some record company offers and about to pick up work on an album. You can keep up to date with the full picture on their website.

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