Sunday, October 10, 2004

CHEESEY TROUSERS: As the world prepares itself for a Verve best-of This Is Music (and a few years back that would have seemed to be on a par with a Tansads Greatest Hits compilation, remember), they've had a bit of an overhaul of - included is a chance to hear the hitherto unheard This Could Be My Moment. Although this sounds like it could be some sort of godforsaken tune that's fallen off the end of a Jayne McDonald album, it's apparently one of the two new songs on the compy. Left over from the Urban Hymns session, explains the site, which we take to mean "at the time thought not good enough but tolerable now as they have the novelty of being 'new' Verve songs".

The tracklist for This is Music runs:

1. This Is Music
2. Slide Away
3. Lucky Man
4. History
5. She's A Superstar
6. On Your own
7. Blue
8. Sonnet
9. All In The Mind
10. The Drugs Don't Work
11. Gravity Grave
12. Bittersweet Symphony
13. This Could Be My Moment
14. Monte Carlo

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