Friday, October 29, 2004

DISENDORSING BUSH: Having got himself into a mess playing kidophile Gary Glitter, despite pledging four years ago that he didn't want to be associated with that sort of thing, Bush has now stumbled into further trouble with his campaign tunes. Bush has been popping up to mutter meaningless fibs with the sound of Orleans' Still The One on the Cd changer. Now, he's had a letter from Orleans' John Hall asking him to stop. What makes it worse is Bush never asked for permission to take on board the implied endorsement. What makes it even more awkward is John Hall, far from being a Bushite, sat in a county legislature as a Democrat. He's a bit pissed:

"I'm not just some guy that's stoned out and happened to write a song, and even if I were, it would still be a problem, because you should always ask permission to use the work."