Friday, October 15, 2004

IT TURNS OUT LENNON WASN'T SPECIAL AT ALL: Huh! All along Mark Chapman's been "the obsessive chap who killed John Lennon because Lennon was a phoney" - now it turns out that Chapman had a whole list of other phonies. Unfortunately, Chapman doesn't seem to have given the parole board the full list, so at this stage we can only speculate if Macca was also on it. If he was, bet he's glad that most people put Lennon first.

Chapman revealed the list of phonies while he was telling the parole board why he shot Lennon:

"It was just a tremendous compulsion of just feeling this big hole.

"Of being what I thought was a big nobody, a big nothing, and I couldn't let it go. And it just kept going very strongly, and I couldn't stop it."

Now, of course, he's still a big nothing, but he's got his own pair of prison pyjamas.

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Matt M. - -

hey well trail of dead wrote a song about him. That's something.

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