Tuesday, October 12, 2004

VIRGIN PLAYERS: What surprised us about the news that Virgin's consumer electronics arm is about to launch a rival to the iPod is not so much why they'd bother - although, come to that, why would they bother? - but that Virgin has a consumer electronics arm. Obviously, Dickie Beard has got more pies than he has fingers, but we'd never heard of Virgin making electrical stuff before. Rather than work up a humorous comparison with Virgin's Pendolino train fleet - seriously, those horrible little cell-like trains are no laughing matter - we'll just point out that they're aiming it at the iPod Mini market. As are many manufacturers. As if anyone would actually choose to have a smaller capacity. Maybe this is why we've never heard of the Virgin Consumer Electronics division before - they don't quite twig that people will buy as much storage as they can afford. Who would say "I could get a player which will take all the music I'm ever likely to want, but I'll go for one with less storage space instead?"


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