Thursday, October 14, 2004

YOU AND ME BOTH: Appearing on the Orange Mobile Telephone Hour, Rachel Stevens reveals she had a crush on George Michael when she was younger. The sad thing is, though, it was during his bouffant period rather than the earlier, mean smouldering in black leather era.

This is the latest picture from the Orange Progamme:

Rachel, being a pro and having managed to look like she was even enjoying her life in the band, doesn't look too scared here; Lauren, on the other hand, clearly has the words "think of the money... think of the money" scrolling through her head.

Still, it's nice of the Orange-owned Ananova site to give so much publicity to the Orange-underwritten programme. I wonder how they get to hear about the content so quickly?


Anonymous said...

don't mind me; I'm just going to put "At The Club" on and weep softly…

Simon said...

This got me thinking back to Planet Pop when Lauren was presenter for six months and clearly had had words with the production team, so people like Ute Lemper got on and one magisterial week she linked into a Westlife live performance with a joke about Royal Trux. Nobody noticed, of course. Now it's a vaguely sardonic show under Simon Fuller's aegis presented by Peter Robinson's mate, and the press wet themselves.

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