Friday, November 19, 2004

CURE NOT EXACTLY GIGGLING WITH JOY AT REVIVAL: You'd have thought that getting a whole new generation of admirers, not to mention getting to snog the face off Brian Molko, would have put a bit of a spring in the step of Robert Smith. But oh, no. He's still glum about his long-term prospects:

"It's very flattering," Smith told Reuters Television late on Thursday after performing at the MTV Europe Music Awards, his first MTV event in 15 years. "But I'm not stupid enough to think it's an Indian summer.

"We realise that this upsurge in media attention is almost entirely due to very good young bands picking up on The Cure... The reasons why we do what we do have always been the same and they're not really aspirational. It's never been something I wanted in order to get somewhere."