Thursday, November 18, 2004

ICON-A-CHASM: As the poll period flurries further into action, Q announces John Lennon is the greatest rock & roll icon of all time. Yoko Ono turns up to be gloatingly immodest on her moneyspinner's ("husband's") behalf:

"He was a driven man: it was as if he knew that he was to stay on Earth for a relatively short time. He changed people's awareness in an incredible way, both with words and music. He was not afraid to tell the truth and thus give us a clearer picture of what was really going on."

It's true. Some younger readers might be surprised to hear that prior to Lennon writing 'Give Peace A Chance', the world used to be beset by conflicts - "wars" - between various powers. And you would have been hard pressed to find any acorns at all tied in sacks before Lennon gave us the idea - much less forty.


Anonymous said...

Did I mention that I spotted John Lennon wool (complete with that squiggly self-portrait of his) in a Japanese department store a few weeks ago? Not that Yoko's trying to milk his memory for every yen she can, or anything...

Eleanor G

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Eleanor... surely you know it's what John would have wanted. His aunt Mimi probably knitted...

and David M. has been in touch to point out that I undercut the number of acorns, which should have been fifty. But it's been a rotten autumn for acorns...

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