Friday, November 26, 2004

KILEY GOES SOLO: Most of Rilo Kiley seem to be spending most of their times on side projects at the moment, and now singer Jenny Lewis is doing a little extra bit.

She's about to produce a solo album for Conor Oberst's Team Love label next year.

Conor...? Oberst...?

Conor tried to not grin too much. "Would you be interested in a twelve inch release?" he said, dipping his shoulder slightly. "I can do something for you on Team Love if you're interested." His long lashed eyelids fluttered - a hint of a raised brow. "If you... get my drift..."


Anonymous said...

*snaps fingers in front of Simon's face*

Wake up !!

Don't get taken in by the floppy-but-spikey whimperer. He's a one-man American Keane with a distorted drum box for bonus indie cred. I don't care how cute he looks in his tight little thrift-shop shirts.

Still, amazing how career-minded these yanks are. "Five years on the indie treadmill then I'll go for the ol' whammo double album sucker punch." Puts us to shame really. I mean what's the best we can do? Free Banksy-lite poster artwork with Kasabian singles? Woo-fking-hoo. No wonder we roll over every time a clever Yank marketing scheme comes calling...

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