Wednesday, November 17, 2004

MUSICIANS LIKE 'LIKE A ROLLING STONE' AND LIKE A ROLLING STONES', SAYS ROLLING STONE: In one of those polls which keep someone with a large tabulating machine out of mischief for a few days, 172 muscians have been asked bY Rolling Stone to name their favourite song. All the songs have been added up to make some sort of a chart and thus we now know that the Greatest Song Ever is Bob Dylan doing Like A Rolling Stone, while the second best song ever is The Rolling Stones doing Satisfaction. If only number three had been Joss Stone and number four Limp Bizkit doing Rollin', we could have put all this down to a puckish sense of wit on the part of editors at the magazine, but, no, it turns out that the whole thing is grimly factual: Imagine at three, and only three songs from the last ten years even scrape in as being any good - and two of them are Eminem tracks. It's like the songwriters, mindful of how recent chart pap clogs up popular polls of this sort, have decided to prove their professionalism by eschewing anything even approaching modern sounding music. In other words: they have swung too far the other way, as is the way of all pendulums.