Monday, November 08, 2004

OH GREAT: THE ALARM IN SURROUND SOUND: Still slapping himself on the back for coming up with a cracking wheeze, Mike Peters has signed a deal with John 'Shrek' Williams to make a movie of how The Alarm "tricked" the music industry into letting them back into the charts under an assumed name. Except, of course, as we've pointed out before, there isn't really a story here: in a year when singles sales have fallen sharply as young people swap to downloads, albums, DVDs and ringtones, it's not unusual for auld fellers to turn up in the Top 20 or so - Status Quo had just such a hit a few weeks back; Depeche Mode made it back into the top ten a couple of weeks ago. This week, Elton John and Wet Wet Wet are selling - compared to their younger peers - strongly. In fact, while The Alarm got quite a good placing under their assumed name The Poppyfields, chances are they'd have got a higher placing if they'd done it under their own. Now, there would be a twist for the movie's ending, dont you think?