Saturday, November 20, 2004

STYLE CLASHES AT GIG: Excitement and upsetment at a KROQ sponsored gig in Orange County, California. My Chemical Romance claim that Orange police gave the band a good telling off for being sweary and threatening to start a riot, then said they'd arrest the lot of them for tresspass, and warned they'd never get to play another gig in the country boundaries ever again. The police, however, tell a different tale:

"The supervising officer who was over there told me that [the band] began their show with a profanity-laced tirade. Not just profanity, but vulgarity," said OPD Sergeant Dave Hill. "I guess just draw a distinction between an arena show, where you pay money to get in and hear them curse at you, and an open-air concert in the parking lot of Best Buy, where grandmas and grandpas are walking by and saying, 'Oh my gosh, listen to what's coming out of their mouths.' "

Apparently, things got all out of hand because just too many people turned up for the gig; My Chemical Romance and The Donnas were supposed to be signing stuff, but there was no way for them to make their way through the crowds of autograph seekers before the gig was going to start. So Gerard Way of MCR promised they'd do more signings after they'd played - not in the original plan. This seems to have got the crowd over excited, which made the police think about pulling the set in its entirety. Depending on whose side your sympathy lays, the swearing was either going to far, or an excuse being used to pull the set by the Cops.

Trouble was renewed when MCR tried to keep their promise to do more signings. Fifteen security guards stepped in to persuade the crowd to go home.

The police deny that MCR have been barred from Orange County, though, saying if they wanted to play again, they'd be given exactly the same consideration as anyone else wanting to do a gig there. Even Marilyn Manson.