Monday, November 01, 2004

THIS SOUNDS LIKE THEY'RE WAITING FOR SOME 'OH, GO ON' FROM THE CROWDS: Just like Elton refusing to release Candle In The Wind until public sentiment "forced" him to change his mind, The Undertones don't think it would be appropriate to release Teenage Kicks. We think we should call their bluff, and go with Bis' We Love John Peel as the memorial single instead.


Anonymous said...

IT wouldn't be appropriate...apart from it looking a bit tasteless (it took a couple of hours before the first Peel memorabilia went up on eBay) I don't think John would have wanted an old single to top the charts. Far better we all picked something obscure and left-field, bought it and got, say, Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia or Prosthetic Cunt to Number 1 and Top of the Pops. Actually, someone should start a campaign...Robin Carmody perhaps?

-gillian (

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