Monday, November 15, 2004

WIPPIT: WHINING A BIT MORE: The complaints from Wippit that 'snotfair, big company's adverts are appearing on the peer to peer networks have now been picked up by the BBC, who've given Paul Myers space to say how it's all wrong, backed up by the BPI:

The BPI is equally quick to condemn established brands becoming bedfellows with peer to peer networks.

'Networks like eDonkey, Kazaa and Grokster facilitate illegal filesharing. The BPI strongly believes that any reputable company should look carefully at the support they are giving these networks through their advertising revenue," it said in a statement.

Besides raising the vexed issue of how far a company should be held responsible for a site where its adverts are served to - if we were representatives for large companies who often buy space of services which fling adverts out through banner networks, we'd think twice before seeking to suggest that the appearance of such an ad indicates an endorsement of the content of that site, as sooner or later that kind of thinking might come round to bite our own members from behind - we're not quite sure the BPI are the best people to run round condemning companies for dealing with, say, Grokster... doesn't Sony have a done deal with them? And isn't Sony on the member companies of the BPI?