Wednesday, December 08, 2004

CRASHED THE VOTING: Once the people of Ukraine have finished sorting out their voting scandal, they might fancy tromping over here and helping sort out the British problem: it turns out that there were text-message voting problems at the Record of the Year last weekend. Some people were getting multiple responses to a single vote, which would seem to suggest that the results themselves can't really be trusted. A t-mobile spokesperson (and, hey, it's neat to leave it to the sponsor to clean up the mess, ITV) explains:

"We have been working with the third party provider, Netsize, in this case, to identify the cause of the problem.

"Netsize are finalising their investigation but would like to assure all affected customers that they will be entitled to a full refund.

"It seems that there was a technical fault. We apologise to all customers affected."

Yes, a full refund is all well and good: but can we trust the claim that Thunderbirds was the best-loved single of 2004? I'm making a flag with Richard X and Rachel Steven's face on it, and am going to sit outside the Granada studios in Manchester until the poll is re-run.