Sunday, December 05, 2004

JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE FIRST DOESN'T MEAN IT WAS WORTH DOING: Will there be, at any point in the future, a day when anyone is going to be in any way impressed that Ludacris recorded the world's first live mobile phone ringtone? Thought not.

Antonio LA Reid thinks it matters, though:

"For today's savvy fan, the lines between new music and technology are blurring at an astronomical rate. Cellphone ringtones and graphic images are increasingly becoming competitive pieces of the overall marketing plan for our artists. There couldn't be a more exciting and innovative way to kick off the Red Light District campaign for Ludacris, and IDJ is proud to be on the cutting edge of this development once again."

We know, we know. We cried salty tears at this - big, salty tears - that someone who did at least used to have some interest in the actual music could spout such a load of twitoidical meaningless mush. He might as well have his arse replaced with a flipchart.