Monday, December 20, 2004

VICTORIAN STYLE EXPLOITATION OF ROSY-FACED CHILDREN: It's odd that the NUT managed to allow the somewhat dubious message of What I Go To School For pass unchallenged, but they've finally decided that Busted have pushed them far enough: the teaching union has complained loudly about Universal Records pressganging kids into pre-teen street teams. Universal, of course, see little wrong with the concept of forcing ten year old kids to hand out flyers and put up posters, arguing that "they've been doing it for two years" (which isn't really a stout moral defence) and that "the kids enjoy it." Pretty much the same attitude the Victorian mill-workers took towards the kids getting their arms caught in spinning machines, in other words. Still, it all saves the record label a few bob, and doubtless someone at Universal has decided: if they're old enough to be sued, they're old enough to work, dammit.

But at least the Victorian chimney sweeps got paid for their efforts...


Anonymous said...

Then there's also, from today's Guardian, Lessons In Hard Sell, which contains the following:

It is not just the schools that have reservations about the practice: others in the marketing industry believe it is beyond the ethical pale. Mike Mathieson, founder of brand entertainment agency Cake, whose clients include Carling's New Kings of Rock 'n' Roll and Virgin's V festival, says: "Schools should be a sanctuary, away from marketing activity, which is why I find the idea of directly targeting school children abhorrent. Trying to create an ambassadorship programme in schools is just wrong."--Alan Connor

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