Thursday, January 20, 2005

ADS-AS-ART: Japanese daily paper the Daily Yomiuri snagged an Interpol interview, focusing on how the band used art to promote the Antics album:

For Antics, the band opened "Interpol Art Space" installations at various venues--worldwide, according to Kessler--including a gallery in New York. The installations featured short films and paintings depicting the band members by Shepard Fairey. In the weeks leading up to the official release of Antics, the band boosted their promotion of the album at the installations by giving away seven-inch records containing two different songs from the album each week.

"Instead of getting a big billboard and saying 'new Interpol record out now,' we thought it would be really cool to have this space and make it a global thing as much as we could and have people walk by and say, 'What the hell is this?'" Kessler said.

Worldwide? We'd love to hear of any sightings outside of the US of this event - indeed, any sightings outside of New York. And while this is a cool approach, we do worry if it catches on we'll end up with those robot-mimes plugging the Will Young album.