Thursday, January 27, 2005

COLDPLAY SHOCK: Chris Martin and the boys are calling in lawyers to investigate how tracks from their new album appeared to be available on the internet.

Our computer experts suggest there's two ways this could have happened without any human intervention. Apparently, if the new collection is as slight as the first one, the songs could literally have just floated away from the studio, perhaps being sucked into the internet when they drifted into a wi-fi network. On the other hand, if the new tracks are as wet as the second album, there's every chance they might have leaked out the bottom of a computer and got into the web "through the sewers or maybe some guttering."

As it turns out, the tracks claiming to be Coldplay listed on WinMX weren't at all, but the band are still investigating. After all, if a fan had downloaded these files and played them, they'd have had a bitterly disappointing experience - in other words, pretty much the same as if it had been the 'proper' collection.