Tuesday, January 18, 2005

THE EEYORE OF ROCK: The only thing we can't quite believe about Tom Wait's insistence that he hasn't had fun since 1962 is the bit about him having had fun in 1962. Apparently, he had fun when he drank a whole bottle of Robitussin cough medicine and went with some Mexicans to see James Brown. Since then, though, nothing. And he's happy - although not, you know, tra-la-la, I'm gonna sing, hello, Mr. Bluebird happy - about that, too:

"It's like Volkswagens or bell-bottoms, or patchouli oil or bean sprouts. It rubs me up the wrong way. I might go out and have an educational and entertaining evening, but I don't have fun."

ABC have apparently scrapped plans to approach Tom to host a US version of Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow.