Monday, January 24, 2005

IF CURTIS HAD LIVED...: We're sure that the new New Order is going to be an interesting record at the very least, but it's funny to see the only band who can truthfully claim to be heirs to Joy Division's crown jostling for position in the Waiting For The Sirens Call press release:

Noone else is so spiky, so startling, innovative and inspirational; noone else makes pop music for clever people that hits the heart as well as the head. In 2005, when every other up-and-coming band cites Joy Division and New Order as inspirations, it’s fantastic to have the real deal back – and on such blistering form.

To be honest, Order, hardly any band cites New Order as an inspiration, it's always Joy Division - this is like pretending the forthcoming Ian Curtis biopic is The Life of Hooky as well. And to be even more honest, the current New Order aren't the same sallow Mancunian youths, even allowing for the loss of Gillian on this album, as the glimpses into the tracks demonstrates quite clearly:

I Told You So (New Order)

Bernard: “I was on holiday on my boat in the Caribbean, tuning in a shortwave radio into all these mad stations...

And with all these bands pretending to be Joy Division, who are New Order citing as influencing this album?

"It reminds me of Primal Scream, the sentiment and the rocky Stones-y vibe"

In other words: Rocks/Give Out But Don't Give Up era Primal Scream; making New Order a band cloning a band following their own creative blind-alley behind a band at their worst. So, pop didn't eat itself; it just hung around waiting for itself in the dark before smashing an old wine bottle over its own head.

Still, the press release suggests it isn't all as horrific as that...

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