Tuesday, January 18, 2005

IT'S LIKE THE BLUE PETER CHOCOLATE BAR ALL OVER AGAIN: Only without the disappointed Simon Groom, of course. The somewhat curious Radio Aid event - which saw a slew of commercial stations coming together with 'star' presenters - fell victim to hoax bidding when a dinner date with George Michael and Kenny Goss started to show bids of four million quid. It's not known if the hoax bidder was using the name Aridgeley or not.

The main event - in aid of Tsunami relief - saw a bunch of people doing hour long slots on the one-day network, raising two million in the process. Chris Evan crawled out of retirement to do an hour - with, for some reason Kate Thornton; and even less likely pairing of Simon Bates and Jade Goody cropped up during the day.