Thursday, January 20, 2005

STICK YOU, SQUIRE: In this time when every band that ever existed is getting back together, it's heartwarming to know that there are always some people who'll never bury a hatchet, smoke a peace pipe or set aside grievances. We tip our hat to the Ian Paisley of Pop, Ian Brown, who still indulges in spit-fights with John Squire, after all these years:

"For me, right, he split up the best band in the country at the time, the Roses, and he went on to do what? Nothing. Nothing to write home about, so he must be a bit bitter because he?s got to watch me steaming forward. There?s no stopping it. I announce shows and they?re gone in a day. It must be killing the kid. They say he was the best guitarist of his generation, which I think he is. Was. I hear his music now and what?s happened to his guitar playing?"

While, of course, it's true that Squire hasn't quite done anything like the Stone Roses' debut, but then neither has Brown, really (although his solo work is improving rapidly). It's like Carter and Bush Senior calling each other failures, really.