Tuesday, January 18, 2005

THEY'RE NOW OFFICIALLY BRIT-ENDORSED: The surprisingly-very-popular Kasabian are going to canter off on a late-April tour of big-ish venues this Spring. Surprisingly Big:

April 22 -Glasgow Academy
24 - Manchester Carling Apollo
28 - London Alexandra Palace
29 - Brighton Centre
30 - Nottingham Arena


Anonymous said...

I spose if Razorlight can play two nights at Ally Pally it shouldn't come as a surprise that any bunch of chancers with a profile in i-D can play one, but jesus, they're a warmed up stir fry of Campeg Velocet, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Lo-Fi Allstars that have been going off at the back of the over for 10 years. They did a bootleg/overlay of One Love and Processed Beats on Xfm the other day, which funnily enough... it's not that the emperor's not wearing any clothes, he's just wearing retro fashion from years gone by and claiming it to be the latest cutting edge designs

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