Wednesday, January 19, 2005

TO LOSE ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT ONCE IS UNFORTUNATE...: We're starting to suspect that Camper Van Beethoven might want to buy some padlocks or something, as they've had their equipment stolen again for the fourth time (is it?) this tour. Anyway, if you can help, they'd like to hear from you; their tour is continuing with borrowed equipment, which will be available for removal from a hotel car park near you soon.

The band can't understand how it happened this time:

Around 1pm eastern 01/18 we got word that someone in Dallas stole their gear again. The band was staying at the Comfort Suites - and they even had a security guard. The trailer was backed up against a parking deck wall so the doors would not open. The thieves cut through the side of the trailer and helped themselves.

Now, without wanting to cast doubt upon the quality of the Comfort Suites, we're guessing they don't actually use the same security team that surrounds former President Clinton when he goes on foreign trips...