Wednesday, February 23, 2005

GOD CONSIDERS REVISING HIS 'MORE HAPPY ABOUT SINNERS REPENTING' POLICY: What's interesting about the news that Brian 'Head' Welch has quit Korn to spend more time with his Saviour is not so much the reaction of metallers, but the way the Christians have reacted to finding Welch hammering on their holy doors. There seems to be some fear he might let Fred Durst into the cathedral:

I remember being in Korn's dressing room drinking beers with Korn and other bands. I use to working for bands like Limp Bizkit and also I helped run Korn's offical chat room. I have pictures of Brian and I drinking up together. He would get pretty drunk almost nightly. I really am glad he has found Jesus. I hope it's a true faith and that I will see him again in heaven. I don't blame him one bit for leaving. The bands lyrics and lifestyle are about as unmoral as one can get. I should know, I seen and heard it first hand. I'm still praying for Jonathan Davis by the way, that guy has been through a lot emotionally and is a very quiet person in real life. I hope he finds rest in Jesus for the pain he's in [...] I just e-mailed one of Brian's pastors a long letter for him to pass on to Brian. I'm praying, and I hope you'll pray as well, that this may open some doors. I would like to encourage Brian on his new walk but also this could lead me to getting in contact again with Fred Durst (lead singer of Limp Bizkit). I only knew him when I was a nonchristian. We were close enough where I had his home phone and he would call me at home every now and then. It's been years though since we talked. He's always been searching for the truth and has had a lot of issues to deal with in his life. I would love to talk to him about Christianity. It's something I have thought about for 3 years. It may be that God is now answering that prayer and giving me the chance. Thanks for anyone taking the time to pray about this.

Blimey, it seems that nearly everyone in nu-metal is heading Jesuswards. Except Fred Durst. What we don't quite understand is, if being in Korn is so bad, why aren't the Christians praying for the others to leave rather than the one who's found God already?


Anonymous said...


i'm in agreement with you and would actually like Brian to visit my youth ministry. i'm currently trying to find a way to get in touch with him for an upcoming outreach. any clue?

thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Coz when you accept Jesus into your life some people judge you and make you feel like you've made the wrong decision. They can sometimes be your closest friends or your family and naturally that can get hard. That's why new Christians need prayer to stay strong because a lot of people won't understand. Thankfully God pulls through with his promise to provide for you, in whatever way he knows best, where you need it when you talk to Him.
By the way, I don't see anywhere in that article where people "fear" Fred Durst, the guy said God is answering his prayer in giving him the chance to welcome Durst, not the oposite.
Though given what I wrote first, I'm not surprised at this confession being twisted around.

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