Saturday, February 26, 2005

JACKSON TRIAL WEEKEND UPDATE: The pissed-off woman known as either Caroline or Juror #240 has been kicking up a deeper stink because she didn't get her role at the centre of the trial ("she's afraid he won't get a fair trial") - she went on good Morning America on ABC to moan:

"If I was sitting in his shoes I'd be worried. I just feel that I would just want someone there that I could relate to; someone who understood me."

Joe Jackson - the father of the accused, not the sharp-suited singer - is equally worried:

"I'm sorry that they got rid of the black juror because we needed that juror and it's not fair."

But didn't his son record a song all about how "it don't matter if you're black or you're white" - surely he wouldn't want to live his trial with the jurors being a color?

More to the point, Caroline 240, he wouldn't really need a black juror to have someone on the panel who could "relate" to him - he'd need to find a multi-millionaire with a bunch of severe problems relating to people who thinks its cool for a forty year old bloke to have strangers kids sleeping in his bedroom. I'll bet if Jackson's defense could have found twelve guys like that, they wouldn't have given a bugger if they were black, white, or - in the words of my grandma - sky blue pink.

In other Jackson trial news, the defense has been given an OK to question the accuser's mother. They claim to have evidence showing that she has made abuse claims against her ex and "security guards" in the past; they'll suggest this makes it plausible she's trained her kid to lie.