Tuesday, February 01, 2005

JURY SELECTION CONTINUES: Yesterday, Michael Jackson turned up wearing white - as he requested his supporters to do. "The colour of innocence" as The Sun helpfully explained to its readers - although it's also the colour of Leeds United, which doesn't say very much. Today, though, he showed up wearing black, although from that it would be a bit too much to decide that he's changed his plea to guilty.

Today was a second day of jury selection, ploughing through another 300 people, everyone of whom was weighing the horror of having to give up a half year of their lives against the kudos of being able to say "of course, when i was on the Jackson jury..." for the rest of their lives.

Choosing a jury is a tricky business, as to be fair to Michael, they have to pick people who have no reason to bear him ill-will. Perhaps that's why he's been leaving so many bills unpaid this last few years: it's not that he's broke, he's just been trying to piss off the whole of America, personby person so that they could never find anyone impartial to judge him. And the last couple of albums would have helped there, too.

Incidently, this time last week, at the same point on the UK's main terrestrial networks, the following programmes were showing:
Child Of Our Time
Trouble At The Top
Like Father, Like Son
Crime Scene Investigation
Michael Jackson's Boys.