Saturday, February 05, 2005

ONCE MY PEOPLE WOULD SWEAR AND WERE CONTENT TO WEAR GLUE IN THEIR HAIR: It's a long way from anarchy and swastikas to Punk Aid 2005 - not only is the concept of punks raising cash for a cerebal palsy charity in a Norfolk holiday camp something that would have seemed unlikely during 1977, but the charity is in the name of Vera Lynn. Mind you, although The Buzzcocks are headlining, they're sharing top billing with, um, Slade, who aren't exactly punk. The rest of the line up:

Ari Up plays The Slits; Jayne County; Arthur Brown - The God Of Hellfire; Spizzenergi; Alternative TV; 999; The Lurkers; Chelsea; Shame Academy (The Outcasts - Rudi - Stalag 17) - only UK show; Menace; Sputnik 2 Future with Martin Degville & Ray Mayhew; Goldblade; Angel Racing Food (ex Swell Maps); Section 5; Red Letter Day; Los Paraliticos; Guitar Gangsters; The Stabilisers; The Anoraks; Devilish Presley; Monkey Wench; The Zips; Fire Exit; The Ballistics; Dirty Love; and the Dead Pets.

It all takes place on March 18th 2005, and costs ninety quid. Luckily, most old punks work in insurance these days so that shouldn't be a problem.


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sarah said...
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Simon Hayes Budgen said...

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