Wednesday, February 23, 2005

POOL EMPTIED SLIGHTLY: The actual start of the Michael Jackson trial got a little closer yesterday as the prosecution and defence used their right of arbitrary objection to dump twenty potentials - including a karaoke fan (well, can you imagine what he'd be like when the jury are sequestrated?) and a cheerleader. The cheerleader once did a routine to a Jackson song, which was enough for the prosecution to assume she would be biased. The defence objections took out a bloke who had friends in law enforcement and two mothers.

The jury pool is now down to 221, and today they'll have a dance contest to thin it down further.

Meanwhile, Judge Melville has been insisting that Jackson really was ill last week:

"Mr. Jackson really was sick. He really did have the flu. I talked to his doctor," Melville said. "I wouldn't let anyone take advantage of us that way."

But as Jay Leno pointed out last night, it's very unusual for someone who had been so sick he had to be hospitalised to then turn up a couple of days later with his head out a car window...