Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ROBBIE WILLIAM'S USUAL PR MUST BE OFF ILL: Because only that can explain the really rubbish attempt to get people to look at him today: Apparently, it's odd getting Robbie to voice the Magic Roundabout movie - not because he's an irritating fool with a voice that makes sane people want to ignore the advice about not using cottonbuds in their ear canal; nor because the very idea of a smug tuber-head like Williams doing the Roundabout is an act akin to simultaneously emptying chemical toilets into Eric Thompson's grave while despoiling the childhood memories of millions - oh, no, it's odd because Robbie Williams was supposedly scared of animations.

Funnily enough, this phobia never came up when he was bringing his skills to Robbie The Reindeer, but then perhaps it hadn't been made up then.

On the other hand:

"Scooby Doo, The Magic Roundabout, Bagpuss and Mr Benn used to scare me for some reason - I used to hide behind the sofa when anything came on that was animated.

- the fear of anything animated would at least explain his pedestrian performance when anyone asks him a question.