Wednesday, February 02, 2005

TO AMERICA - AND BEYOND...: Ash haven't been able to get their Meltdown out in the US due to problems with record labels (do you need us to point out that record companies are idiots?) - but are finally going to be able to release it in March on the Record Collection label. Only two years after the rest of the world enjoyed it, then. As a result, the band are heading off to take advantage of the exchange rate at the following venues:

Philadelphia Theatre of the Living Arts - March 9;
Washington DC Black Cat - 10;
Carrboro Cat’s Cradle - 11;
Atlanta Vinyl - 12;
Houston Engine Room - 14;
San Antonio Sanctuary - 15;
Austin SXSW - 17-19;
Dallas Trees - 20;
Albuquerque - 22;
Phoenix Mason Jar - 23;
San Diego Casbah - 25;
Los Angeles Troubadour - 26;
San Francisco Slims - 29;
Vancouver Richard’s on Richards - 31;
Portland Crystal Ballroom - April 1;
Seattle El Corazon - 2;
Salt Lake City Lo-Fi Café - 4;
Denver Bluebird Theatre - 5;
Chicago Metro - 8;
Cleveland Agora Ballroom - 12;
Toronto Opera House - 13

The support is from The Bravery, which makes it a rather fine package all round.

Meanwhile, the band are going to close that circle of Star Wars fandom by providing music for the soundtrack of the soony come
Republic Comando
Star Wars game. We wonder if they wrote a single called Clones knowing that would happen. Rumours that Jamie Cullum is currently doing a track called 'I'm Your Father, Luke, Use The Force' cannot be confirmed...