Friday, February 04, 2005

TURTLE, UM, SHELLED: Waking up and choosing which pair of bright orange dungarees to wear this morning is Al Nichol, the Turtles guitarist. He was caught driving while tanked last May, which would have been bad enough if he'd not been on probation for a previous DUI. To cap it all, he turned up sloshed to the court hearing.

"I don't know what to tell you, Mr. Nichol," Justice Court Judge William Rogers said during Wednesday's hearing. "It's sad that you've taken a successful life and turned it into the town drunk."

The Turtles, of course, last had a big hit in 1967, so at least it's been a slow decline.


Anonymous said...

This story is a fairly accurate accont of what transpired that day in dayton, Nv. I know because I am Al's most recent former wife. 35 years out of the lime light and then a story like this hits the AP wire. Al has had problems with alcohol on and off over the years. When this escapade transpired it just so happend that Coldwell Banker was using the song Happy Together on a national Ad Campaign 2003-2005. I think hearing his own works on the TV was a little too much for him. We remained together up until early 2008 and then have now lost contact. please visit my blog at

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