Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Z V R: The mace-sprayin' end to the Jay-Z /R-Kelly tour has spawned it's inevitable countersuit. While R was suing Jay for having him thrown off the tour in a constructive dismissal style, Jay Z is now suing R Kelly right back atcha. Kelly wants 90 Million dollars; Jay Z is counter-claiming that... well, first of all that Kelly is caught up in a bunch of lawsuits because of his somewhat young girl habit (although, Jay, it's not like you didn't know that when you agreed to go on tour, is it?); that Kelly wanted to do the tour to try and settle some of spirally legal costs; and then insisted on extra dates for more cash. Then he went and booked staff for the tour who were rubbish; didn't turn up for rehearsals and then goofed around playing basketball when he did; pissed about on his comedy sketch routines; played like shit when the tour started; got grumpy when he was made to drop his pisspoor comedy bits; turned into a "weeping emotional wreck" and threw temper tantrums.

Then his behaviour became odd. In St Louis, he punched a guy and left the venue "in a people mover" to go and work in a McDonalds. And on and on it goes. The Smoking Gun has it in full. At least, that's Jay-Z's tale.