Thursday, March 03, 2005

IN THE OLD DAYS, SHE'D HAVE HAD HER HEAD CUT OFF: Actually, the olden days appear to have a lot going for them, come to think of it: Geri Halliwell caused a major - oh, alright, piddling - storm when she turned up late to meet the queen. Apparently it's royal protocol that Elizabeth has to be the last person to enter a room - that'd be why everyone was so upset when Michael Fagin got into her bedroom that time; protocol demands he should have been in there waiting for her when she went to bed. To make matters worse, Halliwell was wearing - get this - trousers. They're trying to suggest all this was a deliberate snub, and we'd love to think that Halliwell is s secret republican, plotting the overthrow of the monarchy through inappropriate clothing.

But somehow we don't see it.