Thursday, July 21, 2005


Jack White knows why people grew to dislike him back in Detroit - it wasn't because he was striding round like the cock of school, bashing the living daylights out of Jason Von Bondies and acting the great I am - oh, no; the people of Detroit took against him because they were jealous:

“A lot of extreme behaviour was going on. I was fighting a lot of losing battles. My mistake is I continued living where I'm from, Detroit, after I got successful. You're not supposed to do that.

"I lost a lot of friends - a lot of people burned us. It seemed like the family of musicians that we'd found, that I'd loved and that had embraced us, had in some cases turned its back on me.”

As breakingnews reports, he continued: "I wanted to know why they hated me so much. I couldn't just say: 'Hey, it's their problem.' "

Yeah, Jason Stollsteimer - it's your problem, right?