Friday, March 03, 2006


The long-running battle between Leonard Cohen and his former business manager has ended in one of the pyrrhic victories.

Cohen has been granted a USD9.5million judgement against Kelley Lynch, which is good for him - the judge found for Cohen after Lynch failed to respond to allegations that she'd been dipping into Cohen's cash over the years.

The bad news is, nobody seems to know where she is, or if he's even got any of the money left:

"She's hard to get in touch with. I don't know where she lives now, and I don't have a phone number for her," said Cohen's lawyer, Scott Edelman. "We don't know what she did with the money. ... But she knows what's going on because she leaves me phone messages at all hours."

Lynch could not be located for comment.

Edelman said Lynch, who worked for Cohen for 17 years until he fired her, also refused to return photographs, records and memorabilia, even after a court order.

"We went into her home four months ago with a sheriff and a moving truck to get his stuff," the lawyer said.

Cohen might not want to give up the extra shifts at B&Q just yet.