Monday, May 22, 2006


Can it really be twelve months since Chris Martin was made vegetarian of the year by PETA? It seems so, as PETA have just announced the 2006 winners.

Sexiest woman vegetarian (for an alternative style organisation, PETA has some 1950s ideas when it comes to beauty contests - let's kick back and get unisex in 2007, eh?) is Kristen Bell:

Bell will be known to the seventeen viewers of the new The CW network as Veronica Mars, from the programme Veronica Mars.

Sexiest male vegetarian? It's the frequently naked Prince:

Interestingly, if you subtract 2004 winner Andre 3000 from 2006 winner Prince, you are left with the 2005 winner Chris Martin, and some calcium.

We note the award seems to have been brought forward two months from its traditional July date - presumably after ten months even the soya was bored with Martin.

Last year: Chris Martin wins
The year before: Andre wins