Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gore: Global warming now homeless

Plans for the US leg of Live Earth have gone into into a bit of a spin as Mitch McConnell has raised an objection. McConnell has blocked plans to hold the event on the Capitol's grounds in Washington because he is a sore loser ("hasn't approved plans".)

It's a disappointment for Gore, although he's not going to have any trouble finding another venue for the event. It does, however, provide a timely reminder of why there's still work to be done on raising awareness of man-made climate change as being one of the biggest threats to our planet.

The Courier-Journal asked Mitch McConnell a direct question: does he believe the Earth is warming, and to what extent does he believe man is influencing the climate?

McConnell's answer was, well, vague:

"While there is not a consensus among scientists on climate change issues, I believe that we can find a common-sense approach to conservation that works to benefit all. The (Bush) administration has taken steps in the right direction by creating new initiatives and research programs that center specifically on reducing greenhouse gases, as well as improving conservation efforts."

(Scientifically, he's wrong anyway: there is a consensus amongst scientists on climate change issues.) reports that McConnell received half a million bucks from the energy & natural resources industry last year. It's also worth noting that the oil and gas industries gave over fifteen million dollars to the Republicans in 2006.