Monday, July 23, 2007

Channel 4 thinks inside The Box

In a somewhat surprising move, Channel 4 has bought half of EMAP's music TV business for £28million. Proving that Channel 4 really, really needed that £14m from the licence fee for digital switchover - why, without that, it could only have afforded a quarter share of The Box and Smash Hits TV.

There had been talk back in February about a possible link between the public broadcaster and the magazine publisher, but it seemed that it was going nowhere, like the 4/5 merger.

EMAP, of course, are thrilled:

"It will benefit from the combination of Emap's TV brands and distribution and Channel 4's premium music-based content and expertise in digital channel and platform management, and there will be increased cross-promotional opportunities spanning both media companies' portfolios."

Of course, there was no mention of programmes, but then there never is.