Friday, September 21, 2007

Rachel Stevens begs "save the popstar"

For some reason, Rachel Stevens is worried by the rock resurgence:

"It's changed, um, just a bit more rock 'n' roll now.

"Yeah, we need more pop acts in the mix, bring pop back.

"I feel excited about it, and I'm looking forward to getting back to doing music.

"And I will at some point, but right now I wanted to kind of do different things and challenge myself and try and then I'll be back, definitely."

Doing those contact lens ads must be taking more time than you'd expect, then.

Ever the consummate pro, Stevens even pretends that the prospect of an S Club reunion could be a positive thing, rather than a chance to hang out with Jo "it's not racist if it's a limerick" O'Meara and the others while contemplating how so much promise ended back at square one.


Anonymous said...

No pop, no style Rachel. Maybe it just seems that way.It's a fickle career choice. When they're holding 'save the pop star' fundraisers at Wembley then I might take those worries seriously. Whatever happened to the 'pop chameleon' approach with artists jumping onto (or better still inventing) the 'next thing' and trying new styles like new hats?

Anonymous said...

She did just that. Sadly, whenever she visited that particular branch of Accessorize, they always seemed to have run out of everything apart from caps with 'Tenth-Rate Goldfrapp' on the front :(

Anonymous said...

She is so obviously not that arsed about music.

Why does she bother?

She could just sell pants and bras for the next five years instead and not bother anyone's ears.

Anonymous said...

The girl has lost her focus on what she wants to do.

Is she going to Act or is she going to sing?

I lost a lot of respect for her attitude on smoking. I don't care if she chooses to smoke, but the fact that she does it because it's fun to upset others... oh by the way Rach... your teeth are turning yellow and I'm not kidding!

Anonymous said...

pop needs to come back?
we had it from 97-04.
Isnt that enough?

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